My Social Media and Me

On average, I probably visit my social media sites four or five times a day. Also on average, I post on those media sites one or two times a month. I use social media more to observe what my friends and family are up to, rather than share things about myself. I use them as a resource to follow people and topics that I’m interested in, and gain entertainment and knowledge. I have not used social media to promote my business career or professional relationships. I believe in the next few years, this will become my main focus on social media, as my career starts to develop into my real first job in the business world.

Right now, I use Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and now WordPress. My posts are typically not about me personally but more about my hobbies and interests.

Screenshot (4)

I think the reason I use social media the way I do is that I enjoy reading and observing interesting things like what a professional athlete does on an off day, or how actors develop their roles in the real world. In the past social media has made me feel connected and updated with those close to me, and with personal interests. Lately however, I feel a bit fatigued. Social media is a useful tool and entertaining experience, but taking a break and unplugging from my devices is what reminds me that I’m human and making my own experiences is what brings me the most joy.


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